References and Quotes

“During a career now spanning over forty years and a dozen industries, throughout which I have worked with consultants of nearly every stripe, I can say with confidence that I have never worked with another advisory firm that is as fully competent in all aspects of its services as The Greaves Group.”
-Ron White, CEO, GoKnow

The Greaves Group has a deep understanding of the education technology market. They have the experience, strong business acumen and “can-do” attitude that characterize only the very best consulting organizations. The Greaves Group has broad access to high-level contacts that helped us save time and money. They are consistently on time and on budget! What more could you ask for?
-Nick Gaehde, CEO, Lexia Learning

"Tom and his colleagues have a depth and breadth of experience unparallel in the industry. The Greaves Group brings the highest level of competency in all key disciplines. They’ve been on the hot seat before and have the experience needed to make tough decisions and present innovative solutions, armed with a rich personal experience as project and corporate leaders themselves.
-Dr. David Thornburg, Executive Director, Thornburg Center

With years of experience in education technology, each member of The Greaves Group has the in-depth market knowledge necessary to effectively support a wide variety of clients. Their ability to call upon high-level contacts to reinforce and augment business development efforts is unparalleled. These are quality people and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on their expertise again.
-Georgi Ignatov, Sr. Marketing Manager, SMART Technologies