As first hand practioners at the senior management level for most of our professional lives, we have both the objectivity and the expertise to put your company and your executive team on a fast path to success. Partnering with The Greaves Group will help you achieve your goals and allows you to cost-effectively address both current and future needs, ensuring positive outcomes and a measurable return on investment.

The Greaves Group is also a highly regarded, experienced research organization. In conjunction with The Hayes Connection, The Greaves Group has published two nationally acclaimed research studies: America’s Digital Schools 2006 and America’s Digital Schools 2008. These authoritative, widely read reports clearly illustrate where future education technology trends are headed and provide much sought after quantitative data to education leaders and companies selling products and services into this space.

The Greaves Group can serve as a strategic advisor to executive level managers. We can also be an objective consultant to your organization helping you design strategies and projects for your implementation. Working side by side with your team, we can provide the exact level of service that your business requires today.

Here is how we have helped other companies:


  • Established and managed successful sales programs and organizations
  • Recruited, trained, mentored and managed winning sales teams, implemented customer relationship management systems, and designed effective, competitive compensation programs.
  • Negotiated national and international distribution agreements for a major hardware provider with the world’s largest distribution organization.
  • Developed and supported RFP responses which led to profitable state-wide agreements
  • Provided comprehensive competitive analyses which allowed sales teams to more effectively sell against the competition
  • Organized national and regional events to leverage prospects and client’s current customers to grow significant sales




  • Designed, managed and implemented executive level focus groups at key conferences to increase the number of well-qualified leads and decrease the amount of time needed to close sales
  • Organized focus groups to refine market messaging and increase response rates
  • Provided well-researched, tailored marketing data to help focus sales teams on prospects that were more likely to respond to their calls
  • Organized participation in SETDA (State Education Technology Directors Association) meeting and panel which lead to state-wide contract
  • Led participation at ERDI (Education Research Development Institute) to increase effectiveness of superintendent panels and decrease sales cycle




  • Provided qualitative and quantitative research to hardware and software providers to assist them in better shaping their devices and services to meet the needs of the U.S. education market





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